Monday 20 May 2019

Is Expedition Cruising the Next Big Travel Trend?

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Crystal Endeavor is just one of the many ships about to enter the expedition cruising market (supplied)

According to Travel Market Report’s “2019 Outlook on Expedition Cruising,” released this month, it is. This new survey of travel advisors apparently shows that expedition cruising may be the next big trend in travel.

Well, how about that?

If, like many of you, you've followed this blog for more than ten years, I know what your reaction will most likely be. But it seems that the penny is only now finally dropping with some travel advisors.

Admittedly, this sponsored survey was conducted among 660 North American advisors in February of this year and Americans (Canadians excluded) have been a little slower to embrace the true principles of expedition cruising when compared to UK, European and Australian travellers. Asian travellers are only just beginning to awaken to small ship cruising.

“With more cruise lines than ever getting into the expedition market, and more advisors saying that the main way they are generating new clients is through referrals, there are lots of opportunities for dedicated agents and active suppliers,” said Anne Marie Moebes, Travel Market Report’s publisher. “We hope that the research in this report will help the industry come together and push this growing market to new heights."

Nevertheless, the report makes for interesting reading, even if most of us knew this years ago.

Read full report at Travel Market Report

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