Tuesday 14 May 2019

Enjoy hot Small Ship Cruises in Cool Summer Northern Climes with AdventureSmith

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With four points on the compass to choose from, what’s the preferred direction for summer cruises?
“Go north,” says Todd Smith, founder/owner of AdventureSmith Explorations. This is the company that has put the advantages and pleasures of small ship cruising on the map.


Along with birds and whales that migrate seasonally north, so do many itineraries in the diverse AdventureSmith Explorations portfolio.
Cooler, northern destinations with longer daylight hours can be experienced via expedition cruises or land-based adventure lodges in the remote Arctic and Canada, in historic Northern Europe and on tried-and-true, nature-filled Alaska expeditions.
The natural world that explodes over short but powerful summers in these regions is, in Smith’s words, “mind boggling.”

“From on-water and shoreline perspectives, our guests can imbibe more of the natural world in one week than most people do in a lifetime. Our small ship itineraries avoid the mass tourism ports-of-call experience associated with typical cruising,” Smith said. Instead his company’s north-bound itineraries rekindle curiosity with active time off-ship exploring… 
  • Dramatic scenery with mountains, oceans, wildflowers, fjords, glaciers and waterfalls;
  • Beluga and caribou migrations in Northern Canada;
  • Birds on islands such as the Faroe Islands;
  • Ancient cultures such as the Vikings and ancient Scots, the Inuit and Tlingit and the ways of the maritime world in seaside towns and fishing villages;
  • Iceland’s unique geothermal activity and formations;
  • Norway’s fjords and waterfalls;
  • Polar bears, wildflowers and history of the Arctic;
  • Living glaciers and brown bears in Alaska
Following are six examples of northern itineraries that have availability for the 2019 season. Fleets of small expedition ships assigned to these northern destinations offer various capacities and styles of travel which all can be explained by AdventureSmith trip advisors. Rates are per person, double occupancy.
Exploring Alaska's Coastal Wilderness is aboard a National Geographic expedition ship. Their three-ship fleet assigned to this region offers a variety of cruising styles for 62 or 100 passengers. The eight-day rate is from $5,990.
Glacier Bay & Island Adventurefocuses on Alaska’s nature, history and First Nations culture. The eight-day rate is from $4,795 on four ships carrying from 40 to 76 guests.
Alaska Fjords & Glaciersexplores the length of the Southeast Alaska panhandle from Ketchikan to Juneau. Guests have a choice of five ships ranging from 22 to 90 guests. The eight-day rate is from $3,795.
Intro to Spitsbergen: Fjords, Glaciers & Wildlife of Svalbard utilizes kayaks and hiking trails along the fjords of Norway’s Spitsbergen Island. Three ships accommodate from 78 to 176 guests. The rate for nine days is from $5,395.
North Pole: Top of the World carries guests as far North as North gets on a 124-guest icebreaker designated by Russia as an Arktika-class icebreaker. The 13-day rate is from $29,995.
Around Spitsbergen discovers iconic Arctic wildlife including polar bears in the Svalbard Archipelago. A fleet of four small ships (including the 20-guest Noorderlicht, a two-masted schooner) carries up to 174 guests. The 10-day rate is from $5,000.
Because of the high demand for Alaska cruises, AdventureSmithExplorations is already taking reservations for 2020 programs. However there are still options for this upcoming summer. To help clients select small ships and/or itineraries that best fit their interests, Smith’s team has prepared 6 Insider Tips to Travel Alaska in the Best Way.
For details on all of AdventureSmith Explorations’ small ship cruises, itineraries, availability and for 2019-2020 reservations, please call 866-575-2875 toll-free or visit the company website.
About AdventureSmith Explorations - Think Outside the Boat!
Founded in 2003, AdventureSmith Explorations is based in Truckee, CA, near the northern shore of Lake Tahoe. A recognized leader in small ship cruising, in 2012 owner Todd Smith first joined the ranks of Cond√© Nast Traveler's prestigious world’s Top Travel Specialists list as the leading expert on small ship expeditions.

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