Thursday 31 October 2019

One Ocean Expeditions 'restructuring' [updated]

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UPDATE: If you or your client(s) are directly affected, a Facebook page has been set up here

A mysterious, non-commital statement issued by One Ocean Expeditions today would indicate an interruption to service on the eve of the 2019/20 Antarctic season.

The statement below by MD Andrew Prossin says the company is "restructuring" in the aftermath of the loss of its two Russian-flagged vessels earlier this year.

The Canadian company's remaining vessel, RCGS Resolute, was last tracked in the port of Buenos Aires where it had sailed from about a week ago. The reason for the sudden return to port is not clear, but one source close to the company indicated a medical emergency required a crew member be disembarked urgently. This cannot be confirmed and attempts to contact the company directly have been unsuccessful. CBC, meanwhile reports "One Ocean Expeditions has been ordered by an Argentinian federal judge to stay in the port of Buenos Aires due to a 'significant debt'."

UPDATED: As of 24 Nov, RGSC Resolute is still moored in Rio 

A news item posted in the local Squamish Chief would indicate the office is closed and the lights are out.

Another news item posted on the national CBC news site cites claims by staff members about late payments.

"None of us knew for years why we just constantly had issues with not being paid," said bartender and guide Ian Peck, who was eventually paid for his work.

Another former staff member, Caro St. John, says she is still owed $6,400 USD and wonders if she will ever see her money.

"We're the ones who make the experience on the boats above and beyond. And then to not pay them and not communicate with them I think is very poor management," she is quoted as saying in the article.

The company statement, meanwhile, does not include information about passenger bookings, refunds or impacts to staff members.

We will attempt to bring you updates on this situation as they come to hand.


  1. It definitely wasn't a medical emergency. They couldn't pay for fuel in Puerto Madryn, which any responsible business would have known in advance and notified their passengers. There is a long line of contractors, employees, and passengers who are owed something by this company that they will never see. They haven't even bothered paying their staff for months. This press release is an attempt to deflect blame from the company itself and I would hope that this site does not enable this company to blame their own willful deceit and mismanagement on a "force majeure."

  2. Their cruise of the season was cancelled after passengers had spent 8 nights along the Argentine coast without ever starting the itinerary. A complete disaster for all who spent huge sums of money to be in the cruise to Antarctica.

  3. The port of Buenos Aires has some of the best statistics on imports. That article helps with the marine knowledge.