Monday 4 November 2019

PONANT releases two new cruise collections

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PONANT releases two new cruise collections for adventurous travellers:

2020-2021 Caribbean & Latin America and Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf & Polynesia voyages

The Caribbean & Latin America 2020-2021 Collection:

This collection represents a wish-list of 38 tempting voyages, departing between September 2020 and April 2021, that include evocative destinations such as the Caribbean, Belize, Grenadines, Martinique and Guatemala as well as exploration in the Sea of Cortez, Chilean fjords and the Amazon River.

“Calypso, salsa, cassava, macaws and caiman ….. let PONANT introduce you to the world of the Caribbean and Latin America,” says Monique Ponfoort, Vice President Asia Pacific for PONANT. “Across 38 exceptional voyages, many featuring our new Explorer ships Le Champlain and Le Dumont-d’Urville, explore coastlines and islands from Miami to Cape Horn, with an emphasis on cultural discoveries and intimate encounters with local populations.”

“You can enjoy all the comforts of PONANT’s modern small luxury expedition ships while in the heart of far-flung lands. Experience the Caribbean’s vibrant creole patois, the rich architectural heritage of the colonial period, pre-Columbian civilisations, the Amazonian river people and jungle, or transit the wondrous Panama canal….”

Exciting destinations offering unforgettable memories include the Great Blue Hole in Belize and the shimmering seabeds of the Grenadines (perfect for novice and experienced Scuba divers alike). Navigate the Amazon; visit ancient Mayan sites such as the pyramids of Tikal; wonder at the iridescent glaciers of Chile - all the while travelling in the refined comfort of the latest-generation eco-responsible small luxury expedition ships.

38 voyages including 16 luxury expeditions, 7 in conjunction with National Geographic.
27 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
An imaginative selection of polar and tropical expeditions and luxury cruises, varying from 7 to 14 nights duration.
Exceptional moments of cultural interaction with remote people from the Amazon, the Embera people and the Kuna Indians of Panama.
15 voyages include scuba diving opportunities with an experienced instructor.
3 Grand Voyage itineraries to choose from ranging from 21 to 39 nights.
On all departures, a team of Naturalists and/or Lecturers, selected for their areas of expertise, will be on board.

The just released Caribbean & Latin America 2020-2021 Collection is now available as a convenient e-brochure. Read or download it at:

The Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf & Polynesia 2020-2021 Collection:

“This is, surely, THE checklist of idyllic tropical cruise locations. Who hasn’t at some time dreamt of visiting Zanzibar, Easter Island, the Seychelles or Tahiti? Remote, exotic, alluring. Well, we have all these and far more ready to entice you in PONANT’s newly released ‘Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf & Polynesia Collection’ of 2020-2021 cruises and luxury expeditions” enthuses Monique Ponfoort.

· 48 voyages, departing between October 2020 to May 2021, including 22 luxury tropical expeditions, 3 in partnership with National Geographic.
· No less than 21 countries visited including 22 UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites.
· Cruises range from 8 to 16 nights, and you can also sign on for a Grand Voyage, that combines a number of itineraries into one voyage, durations ranging from 30 to up to 40 nights.
· 29 voyages with scuba diving available as an optional activity.

Select from itineraries that include the magnificent treasures of the Arabian Peninsular or the sublime unadulterated beauty of the Seychelles; Madagascar, with its remnants as a pirate refuge; the religious, culinary and cultural melting pot of India; the backwaters of Kerala; the colonial past of Galle; remote Baa Atoll in the Maldives - a UNESCO biosphere reserve; Aldabra’s tortoises; the exquisite beauty of Anse Source d’Argent beach; the Vanilla Islands and privileged access to the Scattered Islands, often used as zero point in scientific studies. Then there are the Moai monumental statues on Easter Island … and far more.

Download and read the Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf & Polynesia 2020-21 Collection at

These 48 voyages feature six of PONANT’s small ships - part of the youngest fleet in the world - Le Lyrial, Le Boreal, Le Soleal each with just 132 staterooms and suites plus the new Explorer ships Le Bougainville, Le Jacques-Cartier and Le Laperouse with 92 staterooms and suites - all with balconies, naturellement!

In both Collections, some voyages are designated luxury expeditions, taking advantage of the ships’ compact size and maneuverability to probe hidden waterways, before launching Zodiac® expedition boats for adventurous close-up opportunities of local flora, fauna, and local tribes. Throughout expedition cruises, a team of naturalists will enhance the experience.

Onboard the world’s youngest fleet afloat, enjoy French ambiance and experience the difference small ship cruising offers, venturing where large ships simply cannot - with a dash of French panache that is PONANT’s indelible signature.


Details of all PONANT Caribbean & Latin America and Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf & Polynesia Collections, including itineraries, pricing and shore excursion highlights, are available at

Contact your travel agent, or PONANT on 1300 737 178 (Australia) or 0800 767 018 (New Zealand), or email

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