Monday 20 April 2009

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Arctic Cruise Expedition from Churchill to Kuujjuaq (Canada) on 22 July, 2009!

Adventure Destinations
Travelling through the Arctic brings you to a place of pristine landscapes with rolling tundra and dramatic fiords; see polar bears, muskoxen and other rare wildlife under the midnight sun; and take an up-close look into the unique culture of the Inuit people. An exotic and stunning land.

Our Arctic Expeditions, get you closer. An Inuit-owned company, they bring you into the heart of this land. The friendly staff, including top-notch guides and naturalists, accompany you throughout. With the intimate, ice-strengthened ship, travel in safety and comfort to remote shores and visit wildlife colonies, archeological sites and Inuit villages.

Among the places we may visit are:

Akpatok Island
An uninhabited island of soaring bird cliffs and small rocky beaches. Here we'll use our zodiacs to scout the beaches in search of walrus and polar bears.

Quaqtaq & Diana Island
At the northern tip of a peninsula jutting into Hudson Strait, Quaqtaq lies directly in the path of migrating marine mammals. On nearby Diana Island, herds of muskox roam the island amid fields of wildflowers and thick beds of soft lichen.

Passing through a deep fiord with steep rocky walls, we anchor in the community of Kangiqsujuaq (Wakeham Bay). We feast on locally harvested foods, and enjoy an amazing performance of traditional Inuit throat singing and drum dancing.

Digges Island & Mansel Island
At Digges Island we visit the spot where Henry Hudson first encountered native Inuit. We cruise along the cliff face and visit Mansel Island, a favourite place for walrus and polar bear.

Walrus Island
This small, rocky outcrop in the northern reaches of Hudson Bay is a favourite haul-out for hundreds of walrus. We zodiac the shores and marvel at the size and number of these massive creatures with their gleaming ivory tusks, so awkward on land but incredibly agile in the water.

The relatively warm waters of the Churchill River are a favourite summering ground for thousands of glistening white beluga whales. Watch for them on deck as we maneuver up the river and prepare for our journey home.

Price is US$5195* for cruise only and the second person travels on the cruise for free. Bookings must be paid by 30 Apr, 2009.

Contact Adventure Destinations on (03) 9570 4466 or 1300 136 330. *terms and conditions apply.

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