Thursday 2 April 2009

The Great Escape takes you to stunning locations, with food to match

The Kimberley Coast is home to some of Australia’s most unique and remarkable landscapes, featuring iconic natural beauty and magical underwater treasures. With such amazing scenery on offer, one can heighten the experience with a distinctive and exclusive menu. The Great Escape Charter Company has revolutionised the way we travel by stylishly combining luxury travel with a unique menu that involves crew and guests working together to catch that day’s food.

Led by an experienced crew, The Great Escape offers guests an intimate journey through the uncharted waters of the Kimberley region and Rowley Shoals showcasing some of Australia’s rare, natural beauties. Guests experience first-class service throughout their stay, including having an on board Chef providing an exquisite menu to compliment the luxury cruise experience.

Each day typically starts with guests awaking to breathtaking scenery and to a breakfast which includes a seasonal fruit platter, bacon and eggs and cereal all accompanied with fruit juice. Relax with a frothy cappuccino, enjoyed on the sprawling back deck whilst admiring the view, before the day’s adventures begin. Guests are guided in one of the three tenders to explore the ubiquitous waterfalls, rock pools and gorges; all symbolic of the Kimberley region.

Your browser may not support display of this image.With lunch and dinner next on the menu, it is time to ‘hunt and gather’ to provide for the main course. The crew and guests hop into the tenders to go fishing, oystering or mud crabbing returning to the main vessel with enough for the Chef to create a range of delicious fresh seafood dishes. The meals range from Chilli Mud Crabs, Crespelle with Kimberley King Prawns, Salt and Pepper Squid and freshly shucked Kimberley Rock Oysters, all served to the guests liking, perfected by the on board Chef.

Kylie Bartle, co-founder of The Great Escape, believes they offer once in a life-time holiday experiences that guests will undoubtedly never forget. “We offer a luxury holiday which has many adventurous aspects involved,” says Kylie. “Guests really get involved in the different activities that are on offer, and they love the fact they are able to eat the fish that they catch! It makes the meal taste a little bit better.”

The Great Escape consists of two vessels; with the prestige staterooms offering ensuites, air-conditioning, flat screen TVs with DVD player and queen size beds. There are several different cruise options available which travel throughout the Kimberley Region and the Rowley Shoals, The Great Escape is the ideal means of travelling in style and comfort all while being treated to a selection of the finest foods available in the area.

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