Thursday 23 February 2012

Wildlife photographer to host A&K Galápagos photo safari

48-passenger Eclipse
Abercrombie & Kent has booked zoologist, conservationist and wildlife photographer Mark Carwardine to lead a photo safari in the Galápagos Islands May 24-June 3.

A&K said late spring is the perfect time of year for photography in the Galápagos when the Humboldt Current brings cooling waters and more nutrients to the archipelago.

Photographers can come face to face with giant tortoises, sea lions, marine and land iguanas, and indigenous birds including the blue-footed booby.

Carwardine will share practical tips for capturing these animals on twice-daily shore excursions, along with presentations on board about his adventures with
Stephen Fry filming ‘Last Chance to See,’ a BBC series devoted to animals facing extinction based on the book he wrote with Douglas Adams.

Carwardine will accompany the group each day, hosting lunches and dinners on board and sharing his experiences during evening programs devoted to wildlife and photography.

The trip sails on the 48-passenger Eclipse, which earned the Rainforest Alliance ‘SmartVoyager’ green seal of approval for environmentally-sensitive operations.

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