Thursday 2 February 2012

New Greenland Whale Watching Tallship Voyages

led by Marine-life and Wildlife Polar Experts

What better way to encounter whales and explore the remote and spectacular Arctic wilderness of Western Greenland than on an expert-led Whale Safari?

From 7th – 14th June, Aqua-Firma Marine Scientist and polar expert Charlotte Caffrey, along with Biologist and Greenland wildlife expert, Thor Hjarsen, will be embarking on a new Disko Bay Whale Safari Sailing Voyage.

The emphasis of this voyage will be on searching for some of Greenland’s most fascinating marine species and in particular the Bowhead (Greenland Right) whale, which measures up to 20 metres in length and can be seen in large numbers in and around the UNESCO World Heritage site of Disko Bay.

Disko Bay is an area famed for harbouring the Jakobshavn Glacier - one of the fastest moving glaciers in the world, moving up to 20 metres per day and producing around 10% of Greenland’s icebergs. Other whale species that one is likely to encounter in this area include minke, humpback, beluga and fin whales. With 24 hour sunlight at this time of year, the opportunities for whale and other wildlife encounters are greatly increased. The rich waters of Disko Bay attract an array of different Arctic birdlife, including long-tailed skuas, turnstones, grey phalaropes and a colony of over 10,000 breeding pairs of kittiwakes which can be observed both from on land and whilst cruising in a rigid inflatable boat (RIB).

On board a wonderful and newly-refurbished classic sailing vessel, passengers will be able to observe the prolific wildlife and magnificent glacial landscapes, explore Western Greenland’s Inuit culture and benefit from the knowledge of the expert onboard polar guides. Anchoring in remote locations will give passengers a true sense of what this wondrous Arctic region has to offer. Rigid inflatable boats will be used to access otherwise difficult to reach areas, whilst onshore treks will take passengers to the edge of beautiful lakes and welcoming hot springs and the summit of Avangnardlit, which promises breathtaking Arctic views over the Jakobshavn Fjord.

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