Tuesday 3 July 2012

New diving safari offers unparalleled Seychelles underwater experience

Silhouette Cruises, one of the leading live-aboard operators in the Seychelles islands, has announced the launch of a new diving safari programme that will provide travellers with a unique opportunity to explore the archipelago's underwater world.

This 7-night itinerary, hosted aboard the company's historic century-old schooners - SV Sea Shell and SV Sea Pearl - will bring guests to the best dive spots around the islands, opening up an array of possibilities to see tropical fish, turtles, rays, sharks and other marine life in unique granite reef habitats.

The Seychelles inner-island archipelago rests on a plateau that broke off from the super-continent Gondwanaland millions of years ago, the islands themselves the remnants of a submerged granite mountain range. This unique geological phenomenon has created an underwater landscape unlike any other mid-ocean island destination - with large granite rock formations creating passages, overhangs and caves where marine life flourishes in abundance.

While clients on Silhouette Cruises' weekly departures often enjoy diving as part of the cruise, the new diving safari has been designed to maximise both the variety and quality of the diving experience.

Silhouette Cruises Executive Director Amit Wasserberg said: "Seychelles is a year-round diving destination and our weekly cruises are great options to make the most out of the diving opportunities available for each season," Wasserberg said. "But for our special diving safaris, we've selected only dates that coincide with the very best weather conditions. These periods offer great visibility but even more than that, they allow us to visit open-sea dive sites that are otherwise difficult to reach during other times of the year."

In addition, a specialised diving tender with capacity for 12, accompanies the "mother vessel" throughout the entire cruise, offering a more comfortable experience when venturing to and from the dive sites.

While diving may be the focus of the new cruise, Silhouette Cruises is also marketing the programme as a great option for couples who want to enjoy different things on the same holiday. In other words, a non-diving companion will be able to experience much of what makes Seychelles such an attractive destination - from some of the world's best beaches, to nature walks with unique flora and fauna, and water-sports like snorkelling and kayaking - while their partner is off enjoying their dives, all from the one unique platform of the vessel.

Individual bookings on a cabin basis and charter possibilities are both available. The scheduled dates for the Seychelles Dive Safari programme are as follows:


3-Nov to 10-Nov
10-Nov to 17-Nov
1-Dec to 8-Dec


9-Mar to 16-Mar
16-Mar to 23-Mar
20-Apr to 27-Apr
27-Apr to 4-May
2-Nov to 9-Nov
9-Nov to 16-Nov
30-Nov to 7-Dec


Silhouette Cruises is a joint venture between Seychelles and international interests, founded in 1997 with a vision to introduce a new tourism concept. This combines the romance of sail with the charm of the world’s ultimate tropical islands: Seychelles.

The successful introduction of SV Sea Shell was followed by the arrival of a sister ship, SV Sea Pearl, in 1999. With a desire to introduce the same concept onboard a more comfortable platform, SY Sea Star began operating in 2004, followed by SY Sea Bird in 2007.

The company has recently expanded even further with the addition of a new expedition vessel, the MV Maya’s Dugong, which undertakes a variety of oceanographic research and monitoring missions, and is also available for select expeditions.

Silhouette Cruises has established a strong base in the Indian Ocean with years of experience in successfully operating cruises for tourists. The company is committed to build upon this success and provide high standards of service in a responsible and sustainable manner, in co-existence with the natural eco-systems in which it operates.

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