Wednesday 11 July 2012


LE SOLÉAL joins the vessels of Compagnie du Ponant in July 2013. The streamlined silhouette, refined design, attentive service and gastronomic cuisine are a welcome to the water. Compagnie du Ponant's loyal clients will appreciate all the elements that have forged the reputation of L'AUSTRAL and LE BORÉAL: the very essence of yacht cruising.

Far from the usual itineraries of Compagnie du Ponant, the yacht will cruise from Iceland to Spitsbergen, from Greenland to Baffin Bay, from the mythical Northwest Passage to the unspoiled coastlines of the Russian Far East.

LE SOLÉAL combines small capacity, luxury and state of-the-art technology to the Compagnie du Ponant flotilla. With over ten years experience in the Arctic, Compagnie du Ponant holds the number one position for Antarctic cruises. The three cruise yachts in the flotilla have all been designed and built for polar cruises. The company places safety and the preservation of the environment at the heart of its priorities.

Like LE BORÉAL and L'AUSTRAL, the interior of LE SOLÉAL has been designed by Jean-Philippe Nuel, working in close collaboration with Véronique Saadé. The contemporary and warm atmosphere has been created through the combination of materials, fluid lines and gentle colour palettes which discreetly reference an updated nautical theme. LE SOLÉAL embodies a side of French style-elegance with a refreshing modern element.

The service abroad LE SOLÉAL places an emphasis on the sea. The discreet but attentive service and excellent cuisine are naturally one of the main elements of the trademark Compagnie du Ponant philosophy. Deck 6 of LE SOLÉAL delivers exclusive service for the thirteen suites. A butler provides personalised service every day.

The onboard cuisine of LE SOLÉAL is primarily inspired by the flavours and product of the French regions. LE SOLÉAL's spa is designed to offer maximum relaxation on an intimate scale. The spa works in partnership with the famous French Skincare Company SOTHYS™. The spa offers a selection of expert treatments for face and body. The wellbeing area of LE SOLÉAL also offers a fitness room with the latest generation of Technogym machines and the famous Kinesis Wall.

For cruise information for Compagnie du Ponant, please contact Travel the World on 1300 950 622.

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