Thursday 23 May 2013

National Geographic Magazine features wildlife images from Far East Russia

(c) Sergey Gorshkov
Spending months at a time in remote Far East Russia, award-winning photographer Sergey Gorshkov captures the raw beauty of the region's wildlife - often waiting for hours in extreme conditions for the moment to press the shutter.

Wrangel Island is the setting of some of Sergey's most spectacular photos. Tucked into the far reaches of Far East Russia, above the Arctic Circle, the Island is a haven for some of the world's most incredible wildlife. National Geographic Magazine is showcasing his work from Wrangel Island over 22 pages in their May 2013 issue featuring arctic foxes, muskoxen, walrus, polar bears, amongst other species. Sergey travels with Heritage Expeditions to Wrangel Island and often spends long stretches of time living on the island observing and capturing the images he is renowned for. Wrangel Island is one of the highlights on the Across the Top of the World voyage.

Click here to see Sergey Gorshkov's Wrangel Island images on the National Geographic website.

Kamchatka in Far East Russia is rated by Sergey as the ultimate location for photography and wildlife. Visiting this region early in his photography career he was captivated by the Kamchatka Brown Bears that inhabit the Peninsula. Other wildlife such as mighty Steller's Sea Eagles and hardy Arctic Foxes also feature in his work. It was this experience that motivated him to begin to capture the beauty of the landscape, flora and fauna for others to see - this is the heart of his passion.

Only recently open to outside visitors this area of the world remains one of the last frontiers for true expedition travel. Heritage Expeditions is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable companies in the region and leads voyages into Kamchatka and other Far East Russia destinations, providing access for passengers into remote locations where wildlife flourishes and photography opportunities are plentiful. Every voyage on offer is unique and showcases adventure travel at its very best.

Heritage Expeditions Far East Russia Voyages include:
(Images used kindly supplied by Sergey Gorshkov - copyright applies)

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