Friday 30 August 2013

Rolling on the River with Blount

Blount Small Ship Adventures offers Intimate Cruising Experiences and Unique Itineraries

Grande Mariner
Blount Small Ship Adventures

The megaships are moving aside and a smaller, more intimate way of cruising is taking over.
River cruising is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing trends of the U.S. cruise industry, and Blount Small Ship Adventures, which features the best value in small ship cruising, is known for visiting destinations that larger ships cannot though an array of unique itineraries for the river cruising enthusiast.
According to a recent American Express Travel agent cruising survey, 27 percent of respondents noted a demand for river cruises and 38 percent are seeing an increase in requests for small ships as a result of their unique features. Consumers are seeking more intimate ship experiences, choosing to explore unexpected locales, and Blount provides guests the opportunity to do just that.
Blount Small Ship Adventures has been cruising America’s waterways for over 47 years; our vessels are proudly built in the United States, fly the American flag, and are operated by an all-American crew.
With itineraries that slip under the low bridges and navigate the narrow locks of the Erie Canal, the only overnight cruise line able to do so, Blount cruises offer a unique chance to experience waterways and ports that only small vessels can access throughout the United States, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean.
Along with the intimacy of a smaller cruising experience comes a more personalized experience for guests onboard. Blount offers an array of activities for guests to embrace the local culture and immerse themselves in the destinations visited.
Onboard, guests will find destination experts, welcome cocktail parties, live musical entertainment, an assortment of guest speakers and more. Unlike the megaships, Blount also offers a variety of early arrival packages which allow guests to arrive in port one day ahead, spend the night onboard and explore the attractions of the embarkation port before cruising.
With fewer than 90 passengers per ship, Blount guests will avoid waiting in long lines to embark and disembark. The Grande Caribe and Grande Mariner ships are equipped with Blount’s patented bow ramp, allowing passengers to disembark directly from the ship to secluded beaches and the heart of small ports and destinations.
Guests will also avoid the hassle of waiting in line for meals, and can escape the crowds that can often be found overwhelming in ports.
All Blount cruises include three meals daily with menus that are fresh, creative and often reflect the local cuisine, refreshments and snacks 24 hours a day, with complimentary wine and beer during lunch and dinner. Blount cruises also feature a BYOB policy, with mixers and set-ups for cocktails available throughout the day.

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