Wednesday 18 March 2015

Small Ship Cruise in Alaska aboard Sikumi

Luxury Custom Charters On Eight-Guest Cruiser in Alaska Give “Small Ship” Whole New Meaning
Small ship cruise expert AdventureSmith Explorations has added the luxury and rewards of “go-where-the-whales-are” flexibility to its small ship cruise portfolio in Alaska. This company has assembled this region’s largest collection of Alaska Small Ship Cruises and Land-Based Adventures.

Thanks to a 67-foot luxury cruiser that can turn on a dime while wiggling in and out of varied coastlines, a maximum of eight (12 with children) passengers per each seven-day departure can be whisked from one photo op to the next without missing a beat – or the boat -- because they’re not tied down to a set itinerary or route.

The star of this “go-where-the-whales-are” concept is Sikumi, built by master Alaskan fishing boat builders to withstand the wiles of Alaskan waters. This boat combines the ruggedness of an ocean-going commercial trawler combined with modern features and amenities of a cruise ship.

“The captain calls the shots on dashing off to where the wildlife and weather are prime, but this flexibility doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort and safety,” underscored Todd Smith, AdventureSmith Explorations Founder and Owner. Because the vessel is Alaska owned and operated, its crew bring the advantage of knowing the ins and outs of the coastline and where and when stops can be made spontaneously to visit sea lion rookeries, glaciers and brown bears feeding near the shore.

The senses overall are well-tended to aboard Sikumi. Guests board after meeting over champagne. Awaiting them in their cabins are 100 percent cotton linens and Baudelaire French milled and olive oil soaps and body care amenities. Dinners can be the freshest possible thanks to the bounty of seafood available. Sikumi always aims to anchor down with engines off by dinner time so guests can enjoy the sounds of nature.

For more details please see . Some charter dates are still open between June 28 and Sept. 1, 2015.

Smith reminded that now is the best time to book for summer as many small ship cruises in Alaska sell out early. Some of the best availability is for August 2015. He also shares a blog on the fun of watching different kinds of whales in Alaska: .

For more details on early-season 2015 cruises in North America, the Mediterranean and on the Adriatic, please see: For information, availability and 2015-2016 reservations, Phone: 800-728-2875 toll-free or visit

About Sikumi
Sikumi, a 67-foot, four passenger cabin, luxury cruiser, represents the ruggedness of Hansen Boats, a top powered by twin builder of vessels for the Alaskan fishing industry for over 70 years. She is powered by two twin diesel engines and appointed with two generator sets for reliable propulsion and electrical power. The bridge is equipped with the best navigation and communications systems available, a necessity for a small Alaska cruise ship.

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