Friday 6 January 2017

The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau: Truk Lagoon

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Lagoon of Lost Ships

 In 1969 Cousteau and his crew came to Chuuk to film an episode of the now famous Undersea World series. While Cousteau himself only came for a few days, his crew stayed for two months, eventually leaving with tonnes of 'relics' salvaged from the previously undisturbed wrecks. Those relics, believed to still be in the Cousteau family somewhere, have never been seen since.

The Undersea World of Jacques.Cousteau: Truk Lagoon by Explore2

Lagoon of Lost Ships
Season 1 Episode 14
Aired date: May 14, 1971
Plot: Truk lagoon in the South Pacific, the site of a fierce battle during WWII, is now home to around 50 sunken Japanese vessels. The crew explores the Pacific lagoon to learn how marine life adapts to foreign matter. The divers discover an uncharted sunken freighter, complete with the skeletons of its long-dead crew.

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