Monday 2 January 2017

Engine trouble forces cancellations for NG Orion

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NG Orion

UPDATE: NG Orion expected to be out of service until April

"Antarctica often throws up the unexpected. Early this morning some of us awoke to realize that the familiar thrum of the ship’s engine was missing," wrote naturalist Andrew Atkin from aboard the stricken vessel, "Later we found that there is a mechanical glitch and that we must proceed towards Ushuaia under reduced power at a modest speed. Although onward travel plans from Ushuaia will need some re-configuring due to our late arrival, we are not in any risk and have sufficient luxuries to see us through."

A statement from Lindblad read:

The "National Geographic Orion" suffered an engine failure on Dec 27, 2016, which has forced the ship to cancel a number of its upcoming Antarctica sailings. All passengers and crew were safe. The incident took place as the ship was leaving the Antarctic Peninsula on its return to Ushuaia.

The ship was now on its way back to port through the Drake Passage at reduced speed (of about 5 kts). In order for the ship to undergo its necessary repairs, the Dec 27 departure, as well as all January departures, have been canceled. A team of engineers has been dispatched and was on their way to Ushuaia to assess the full impact of the technical issues. 

Once the evaluation has been completed, Lindblad Expeditions will release additional information. Passengers onboard when the incident occurred will receive reimbursement for any costs incurred due to their late arrival into Ushuaia, as well as a $1,000 credit toward future travel with Lindblad. Those who had already traveled to Santiago for the Dec 27 departure will receive a 100 percent refund (including airfare) as well as a full credit in the amount they paid, for future travel.

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