Tuesday 4 February 2020

PONANT looks back at 2019: expeditions in luxury with environmental commitment

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PONANT, World Leader of Luxury Expeditions, looks back at the highlights of 2019. An ever-stronger commitment to the environment and a surge in demand for immersive experiences are two factors behind PONANT’s growth.

International expansion, the delivery of a further two new ships in the PONANT EXPLORERS series and the acquisition of PAUL GAUGUIN CRUISES, an internationally renowned expert in the South Pacific, has contributed to PONANT achieving sales of 380 million euros (approximately AUD$624 million) last year.

The modern PONANT fleet, which now includes 10 Cleanship certified ships, embarked 60,000 passengers on 350 cruises in 2019. In doing so, the company consolidated its position as the benchmark in small-ship luxury cruising to exceptional destinations and was awarded around thirty prizes recognising the signature feature of PONANT cruises: authentic immersive experiences in luxury. Some of these awards include:

Three PONANT ships appear in the “Top Ten Boutique Ships” listing of Berlitz Cruising & Cruise Ships 2020;
Winner “Best Expedition Line” as awarded by Cruise Passenger’s 2019 Readers’ Choice Awards;
Winner “Best Cruise Line Itineraries” in Cruise Critic Australia’s Editors Pick 2019 Awards;
Winner “The Best Luxury Expedition Cruise” in Luxury Travel Magazine’s The Gold List 2019 Awards
“2019 Winner” of the Travel Daily Sustainability Awards


Success is only meaningful when seen through the prism of the company’s exemplary approach of focusing its growth on the most-environmentally friendly choices. In June 2019 PONANT announced the creation of the PONANT Foundation, whose mission is to help preserve the oceans, the polar regions and to encourage exchange and collaboration with local communities. It has chosen to support a number of research, awareness-raising and conservation projects and notably: Plastic Odyssey, an association working to fight the plastic waste polluting the oceans; Conservation International, an NGO studying humpback whales in the Antarctic; and Pure Ocean, a foundation supporting nine applied research projects selected by scientists in the area of ocean protection.

In addition, PONANT has taken major initiatives affecting its fuel consumption in order to reduce its air emissions:
·        Fitting its ships with electric connections in order to use the quayside mains power supply in ports where this is available;
·        Using biofuels as soon as they become available;
·        Developing the hybrid nature of the ships: fitted with batteries in order to switch off generators at the quayside, when anchored, or when near inhabited areas;
·        Limiting the average speed of its ships to 12 knots.

Limiting sulphur emissions (SOx)
From 1 January 2019, fleet wide, PONANT totally eliminated the use of heavy fuel oil. PONANT is the first cruise company to have taken this decision, for all ships and all oceans. By using a cleaner fuel (LS MGO - Low Sulphur Marine Gas Oil), PONANT has an average sulphur emission level of 0.05%, 10 times lower than current maritime standards.

Limiting nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx)
Ships in the PONANT EXPLORERS series have now divided their nitrogen oxide emissions fourfold by activating their catalytic converters 24/7 in all geographic regions. This is a unique initiative that has become a benchmark for the industry.

Offsetting carbon emissions (CO2)
PONANT has taken a decision that is unique on the cruise market, to offset 150% of the carbon emissions of its entire fleet. PONANT has been investing in Verified Carbon Standard certified projects for Amazon reforestation and the production of renewable energies in India.

 The eco-design of the ships, reduction of single-use plastics, favouring short supply chains, optimal processing of waste water and recycling of waste, environmental impact studies and raising passenger awareness are also some of the actions carried out by the company to promote sustainable tourism. 

“Created by sailors keen to share their passion for the seas, for more than 30 years PONANT has been taking its guests to some of the most secret places on the planet, where nature reigns supreme. This choice places on us great responsibilities both to the environment and to local people. Not only do we want to practise our profession in a responsible manner, but in the years to come we wish to pursue our efforts to promote sustainable tourism and the values of maritime excellence that drive us,” concludes Jean Emmanuel Sauvée, PONANT CEO.

Discover the multiple ways PONANT is commited to maintaining a sustainable future by visiting https://au.ponant.com/sustainable-tourism

For more information on PONANT’s cruises, visit https://au.ponant.com/.

Contact PONANT on 1300 737 178 (Australia) or 0800 767 018 (New Zealand) or email reservations.aus@ponant.com for bookings.

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