Tuesday 24 May 2011

Midway Atoll - The Ultimate Albatross Paradise

Laysan Albatross © WantExpeditions

Despite its notorious role in WWII, Midway Atoll boasts the largest assemblage of tropical birds AND the largest Albatross colony in the world! An insular territory of the US, Midway is comprised of three islands, Sand, Eastern and Spit, and in 1988 was designated a National Wildlife Refuge. Today nearly 3 million individual birds breed and nest on virtually every square foot of available habitat, so don't be surprised to wake up to a resident albatross awaiting you on your doorstep. Also on the Monument, we'll discover the second most endangered seal –the Hawaiian monk seal, rearing their young on Midway's beaches.

One also can't forget the hundreds of threatened Green Turtles growing up to 400lbs that haul out to rest on island shores. Plus the resident pod of nearly 300 spinner dolphins will entertain you each day with an acrobatic show of antics and beauty as they frolic in the nearby waters. With snorkel gear we'll explore a complex community of coral reef fishes and invertebrates of over 250 species flourishing in the Monument's protected waters.

On this trip we'll also play a direct role in conservation by participating in habitat restoration and beach clean ups, as that the Monument suffers a great deal from debris drifting in from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. So, whether it's the water, wildlife or history you seek, Papahānaumokuākea's calling is different for each person, but one thing is for sure, Midway Atoll is certain not to disappoint. Join us on this fantastic tour to a wildlife paradise few have visited!

Our historic voyage in Feb 2012 can take only 16 people and we are offering USD 750.- OFF for the last 4 spaces, in order to be able to close this trip for bookings and start arranging all necessary details with the park services.


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