Sunday 29 May 2011

SMH: A feeling for ice

Following a fine tradition, Ben Groundwater goes on expedition to a wilderness no longer so inaccessible.

Robert Falcon Scott knew the feeling. So did Sir Ernest Shackleton. Both Antarctic pioneers undertook brave missions in their quest for the South Pole and both had to deal with a similarly pressing issue: money. Or a lack of it.

Budgets were tight. The famed adventurers had to scrounge around London looking for benefactors, pay their crew next to nothing and live off the bare bones just to make their dreams of polar exploration come true.

Sounds familiar. Modern Antarctic adventurers - also known as tourists - have the same problem. Our polar journeys may not be as pioneering but they're certainly heavy on the wallet. You don't get to the world's least-visited continent without coughing up serious dough.

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