Wednesday 25 April 2012

“Going, Going Gone” – Hurtigruten Raises Funds for “Save the Albatross” and others



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"Going, Going, Gone" Charity Auctions Raised €140,000 for Assn. of Greenlandic Children Since 2007

Award-winning cruise line Hurtigruten has been an active participant in many of the remote areas it visits on its Expedition Voyages and often raises money for needy causes.  A new fundraiser to begin in early summer on the MS Fram's Arctic and Antarctica sailings focuses on helping to "Save the Albatross," (a project of the Bird Life International Foundation), a much treasured bird that faces extinction mainly due to industrial long-line fishing.  "These animals are incredibly elegant when they move. To me, they are one of the most impressive bird species in the world," said expedition leader Karin Strand, "able to fly thousands of miles."  For further information on the "Save the Albatross" project, please visit

 This is one of several fund-raisers initiated by Hurtigruten and funded by both the company and its Expedition guests – where guests bid on company items that include the unique nautical chart of the respective voyage and signed by the captain, a Hurtigruten flag, and expedition team jackets.  "We want to give something back to the regions we visit, after the great pleasure of experiencing these magnificent and remote areas," is expedition team leader Karin Strand's explanation of the idea behind the fundraising campaigns. "Our guests recognise the privilege of being able to travel to the Antarctic, Greenland or Spitsbergen – and as a thank-you they would like to contribute to the future of these regions."

Ongoing fundraisers include campaigns run by "Antarctica South Georgia Heritage Trust and the "Ocean Foundation."  A very popular and successful fundraiser is the one focusing on raising funds for the "Association of Greenlandic Children" – yielding more than €140,000 in its first four years solely through the crew-run auctions and generous guests on board.

Hurtigruten is a world leader in expedition cruising, sailing to the most remote of destinations including Antarctica, Greenland and the Arctic's Spitsbergen as well as year round along Norway's coast and Europe in the spring.  The company's fleet of 14 intimate ships, carrying 100 to 646 guests, allows travelers to enjoy unique destinations in a relaxed atmosphere.   Additional information, as well as brochures and reservations, can be obtained from travel agents or Hurtigruten's visitor-friendly web site,; or by phone: (877) 301-3117; fax (888) 524-2145; for brochures (800) 582-0835, 24 hours a day.

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