Friday 13 April 2012

Plancius Stranded at South Georgia - Engine Failure

A handout pictured released by Inezia Tours shows the Dutch ship Plancius in Antarctica. The ship is stranded with engine trouble on April 11, 2012 on South Georgia island with some 100 people of different nationalities taking part in a tourist expedition.

Some 70 tourists are stranded on board a Dutch polar exploration ship at South Georgia Island in the southern Atlantic after the ship experienced a partial engine failure, its owner said Wednesday.

The Plancius was lying under anchor off a pier in a bay outside South Georgia’s small port of Grytviken - a former whaling station and now a popular stop-off spot for cruise ships visiting Antarctica, Mark van der Hulst said.

"The ship is anchored off a pier in South Georgia after suffering partial loss of her engine. She is safe and sound and there is no danger for passengers," Van der Hulst of Oceanwide Marine Services told AFP.

"She is waiting for another passenger ship to pick them up and bring them to Montevideo, from where they will be flown home," he added.

The 89-metre (291 feet) long Plancius was then expected to make her way under own steam to Montevideo for an inspection, said Van der Hulst.

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  1. It is very difficult situation for the Dutch polar exploration ship. The engine of the ship is not working well and the Mark van der Hulst transfer all the passengers to another ship.