Friday 27 April 2012

Safari Spirit Fire at Seattle Dock - Major Damage

The 105-foot 12-passenger Safari Spirit, operated by American Safari, burned at a Seattle dock last night, resulting in massive amounts of damage according to various reports.

The small ship burned alongside, with fire fighters working the blaze for hours. Early indications said that the flames destroyed four decks, including all passenger accommodations.

Dan Blanchard, American Safari owner, was apparently sleeping onboard when the fire started, and called 911 before getting off the ship safely. There were no passengers onboard.

Fuel onboard led to what officials called a “stubborn” fire, continuing to flare up throughout the night, before finally being fully extinguished.

The Coast Guard has placed a boom around the ship, watching for any pollution.

The Safari Spirit was scheduled to leave on its first voyage of the year on May 11, from Juneau.

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