Wednesday 20 March 2013

Remotest Pacific Island Expedition

Penryhn, Jarvis, Palmyra, Atafu - where the heck?

For those intrepid souls hell-bent on ticking off the most remote and seldom visited parts of the planet, Wild Earth Travel have something just for you.

39m Braveheart carries just 12 passengers
They say: "Join us for an expedition like no other, sail to some of the most remote and least visited islands on the planet, the remote islands of the central Pacific. In the course of 26 days we plan to visit and land on 10 separate islands in this vast and seldom traversed ocean.

"Sailing aboard the supremely well equipped MV Braveheart we will visit islands where few have ever set foot. Renowned for her expedition exploits the Braveheart is not luxurious but she comes equipped for remote region exploration. With both outboard a jet propelled landing vessels this is the vessel that is going to be able to get you ashore if ever there was.

"We have designed the itinerary to allow for a maximum amount of time at each island giving the greatest probability of success in making a landing and also included in the expedition at no additional cost are two contingency days should we require them, we fully intend to make landings on each of the islands in the itinerary and this is a sole focus of this expedition. "

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