Saturday 9 March 2013

Rhys Badcock & Nathan Brindle, 2 of 6 Masterchef's Finalists Both are Chefs for WA's Luxury Vessel Kimberley Quest

MasterChef Professionals still in the ring for Sunday night's Round 7 include Rhys Badcock and Nathan Brindle, both of whom are Chefs for the luxury vessel Kimberley Quest. The 25 metre vessel which takes a maximum of 18 guests operates extended wilderness expeditions along Western Australia's stunning Kimberley Coast for discerning guests.

Kimberley Quest begins its 2013 season on 26th March and looks forward to Rhys returning and welcoming Nathan to our team on board - when they have completed their alternative Channel 10 quest!

Rhys Badcock has been Chef for the 25 metre Kimberley Quest for multiple seasons; Nathan Brindle signed earlier this year to work the vessel's 2013 program alternatively.

"Rhys has been part of our team since February 2007. As MasterChef enthusiasts have witnessed, he is a fine chef with extraordinary camaraderie. He is capable of jumping into Kimberley Quest's tender and catching "barras" for dinner before prepping, cooking and serving an inimitable Rhys dish" said Ben Bonnett, the vessel's Captain.

"We are thrilled to have found the perfect foil for Rhys in Nathan that they have bonded so well throughout the MasterChef Professional experience, and wish them both the best of luck for the finals."

Rhys describes life on board Kimberley Quest as better than a holiday, he loves interacting with the crew and guests, fishing opportunities and the landscape. Nathan says that he is looking forward to explore and serve ingredients that are not readily available outside the Kimberley Region, and to the experience of spending extended time in a remote part of Australia on an exclusive, family owned vessel.

For details of the Kimberley Quest schedule for 2013, go to or 1300 156 035

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