Friday 31 January 2014

Video: Dramatic scenes as passengers rescued from sinking vessel

The Aladdin sinks rapidly leaving passengers fighting for their lives (Dennis Karlsson)
An allegedly unregistered dive boat has sunk near Phuket leaving terrified passengers scrambling for their lives.

The dive boat, MV The Flying Carpet, of Koh Chang-based Aladdin Dive Safaris, with 13 persons aboard sank rapidly after the wooden hull was holed.

Witness, Swedish diver Dennis Karlsson, said. "It was just coincidence that our boat was there and could come to the rescue, it was really, really serious. People threw themselves headlong into the water. Some disappeared under the surface. It was a very close thing for some of them and people were so grateful that the Peter Pan was there (to rescue survivors)."

Karlsson's dramatic images attest to the urgency of the rescue.

Aladdin liveaboard dive boat MV The Flying Carpet prior to incident.
19.2m with sleeping for 14 guests
Safety equipment listing includes 30 Life Jackets, Surface Markers,
Rubber Dinghy, Fire Extinguisher, O2-Unit, SOLAS Life Raft
Location of the sinking (source: Phuket Gazette)

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