Monday 13 October 2014

Australia's Minister for the Environment encourages walrus study in Antarctica


Greg Hunt MP and Nara the Dingo
pose for a photo opportunity. (Facebook)

Greg Hunt MP, Australia's Minister for the Environment, who famously approved the dumping of three million cubic metres of dredged spoil within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, has further reinforced his credentials by suggesting that the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) should investigate alternative sources to supplement government funding for research such as walrus studies.

"They might be able to provide funding for a specific type of research, whether it's into, you know, the health of some of the marine life, whether it's into the health of some of the on ice, you know, extraordinary life, whether it's in relation to the walrus population, whether it's in relation to penguins." [see transcript]

A 20-year Antarctic Strategic Plan, released by the Government today, was written by the former head of the Australian Antarctic Division, Tony Press. [Read more]

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