Tuesday 29 March 2011

Polar ship, Akademik Ioffe, far from 'retired'

Active Travel, Australian agent for One Ocean Expeditions has reacted strongly to a recent press release from Quark Expeditions claiming its ship, the Akademik Ioffe, had become out-dated. One Ocean has recently taken over full charter of the Akademik Ioffe for the next three seasons and claims it is the best expedition ship operating in Polar waters.

"This really is an extraordinary statement from Quark management', said Active Travel Marketing Manager Richard Cunningham. "Quark continues to work with the Sergei Vavilov, the sister-ship of Akademik Ioffe, which – according to Quark's own website is 'recognized as one of the finest expedition ships to ever sail the polar seas'. Perhaps they simply have too many ships in their portfolio and have forgotten that the two vessels are – to all intents and purposes – identical!"

In taking over full charter of the Akademik Ioffe, One Ocean Expeditions is making several onboard improvements. These include a wellness centre, complete with massage therapist, a hot water spa, upgrades to all cabins with new mattresses and extensive amenity upgrades.

"In fact", said Cunningham, "there's so much happening on the Ioffe that it will soon cease to look like a sister ship to the Vavilov, so we're comfortable with Quark's claim that the Vavilov is ONE OF the finest expedition ships to sail the polar seas".

Active Travel has released its 2011/12 Antarctic cruise programme which includes many new and innovative activities, such as an overnight kayaking adventure and the chance to ski on the peninsula itself. Call 02-9264 1231 for more details or visit www.activetravel.com.au

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