Sunday 23 February 2014

Aranui 3 to include visit to Takapoto


Aranui 3
French Polynesia’s renowned passenger-cargo ship, the Aranui 3 is now affording passengers the pleasure of visiting the picturesque island of Takapoto in the Tuamotu Islands, in place of Fakarava, on all future voyages.

While on shore in Takapoto, guests have the opportunity to explore the island by foot and swim and snorkel in the turquoise waters surrounding the atoll. The Aranui crew will prepare a full picnic lunch on a white sand beach where guests can lounge under the shade of calming palm trees.

On this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, passengers board the ship in Papeete, Tahiti for a 14-day complete vacation experience sailing 800 miles North to some of most spectacular and remote islands in the world, where they will be fully immersed in the Polynesian culture. The Aranui now regularly visits Takapoto (in place of Fakarava) and Rangiroa in the Tuamotu Archipelago as well as Nuku Hiva, Ua Pou, Hiva Oa, Fatu Hiva, Tahuata and Ua Huka in the Marquesas Islands. The April 5 and Dec. 13, 2014 departures will additionally include a stop at the legendary island of Bora Bora.

The voyage includes on-shore experiences such as awe-inspiring hikes past waterfalls and sacred ritual sites, encounters with local artisans, a visit to French artist Paul Gauguin’s grave, museums, snorkeling in the translucent waters of the atolls, on-island picnics and restaurant lunches featuring local food, a visit to a pearl farm and more.

Featuring a primarily Polynesian crew composed of sailors from the Marquesas and throughout the Tahitian Islands, and with an expert lecturer and guides, the Aranui 3 provides a unique spin on hospitality which combines with mesmerizing scenery to create an unforgettable soft-adventure and cultural experience.

Travelers booking a stay aboard the Aranui 3 can choose from four different cabin categories – Suite, Deluxe, Standard and Class C – each providing different room configurations.

The cruise includes three meals with complimentary wine daily, guided excursions as outlined in the itinerary, picnics and meals on shore. Optional excursions such as scuba diving, horseback riding and fishing are additional. Prices start at $2,624 per person and do not include port tax, cruise tax and tourism tax, which may total up to $355.


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