Thursday 6 February 2014

Hurtigruten Offers Whisky Cruises on the Fram

Hurtigruten has announced that two barrels of decades-old single malt whisky are aboard its expedition ship, the Fram. It said this is an effort to further enhance the quality of this fine single Highlands malt scotch.

In American oak barrels, the whisky will ride along as guests of the ship for nearly a year before being bottled with their own unique label, the “MS Fram Expedition Whisky.” Although the name of the distiller remains a secret, it can be disclosed that it has a near multi-century history of producing some of the world’s finest whiskies, according to Hurtigruten. The voyage began in Hamburg in October with bottling expected to take place in July 2014.

The two 150-liter barrels will journey across four seafaring lines: the northern and southern polar circle, the zero meridian and the equator, on the assumption that the continuous rolling moments, temperature changes and sea ear, will further improve the quality of the single malt. It will have travelled 78,000 miles before being bottled.

Hurtigruten estimates that the barrels will produce 400 bottles which will be sold onboard, with a diary and certificate. Guests will also be able to sample the whisky at the bar.

The Fram will also be offering two spring voyages that focus on the topic of whisky and its origins: a 12-day British Isles sailing and a 13-day itinerary titled The Viking Route, focusing on Scotland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland. Both cruises start in Bergen. There will be Scottish lecturer and whisky experts onboard.

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