Sunday 23 February 2014

Bentours’ Natural Wonders of the World


Bentours' tours take travellers to some of the most impressive and breathtaking natural wonders around the world, including the magical Northern Lights, Antarctica's icebergs, Norweigan fjords including - Geirander Fjord & Hardander Fjord, Lofoten Islands and incredible animals like the polar bear.

Norway’s crowning glory is its fjord heartland, a maze of breathtaking waterways bounded by sheer mountains that plunge into the sea.

Geiranger Fjord, Norway
Hardanger Fjord, Norway
The Antarctic continent is teaming with remarkable wildlife and dramatic landscapes. Bentours’ Quest for the Antarctic Circle tour is a 14-day unforgettable sea voyage where, weather permitting, travellers can go ashore to observe penguin rookeries and seal colonies as well as watching Orca, Humpback and Minke whales swimming in the icy waters.

Antarctica icebergs.
Aurora Borealis – Northern Lights in Norway
Sweden is for the lover of the natural world – from pristine forests and myriad national parks to the clear blue waters and long, sandy beaches of the east coast, this jewel of Scandinavia crown affords outstanding beauty and diversity.

Sweden’s midnight sun
Polar bear
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