Tuesday 20 September 2011

AdventureSmith Explorations Announces New 2012 Cruises

From Hawaii to Great Barrier Reef, Baja to Cambodia; New Waters Ahead for Leader in Expedition Cruising

The active travel company that secures matches between adventure-seeking clients and a treasure trove of small, expedition ships, AdventureSmith Explorations (http://www.adventuresmithexplorations.com/), announces a roster of new and favorite cruises for late 2011, 2012 and beyond.

When northern winds howl, here are some warm-weather options from AdventureSmith Explorations Director Todd Smith:

Hawaiian Seascapes explores the “other side” of the Hawaiian Islands beginning in early Nov. 2011 with a nearly continuous schedule through May 2012, repeating again from Nov. 2012 to May 2013. Activities include birding, hiking, kayaking and canoeing, with explorations of, among others, secluded coves and beaches on the Big Island, Molokini, Lanai, Molokai and Maui. The 150-foot luxury small ship Safari Explorer carries up to 36 passengers in 18 modern cabins. From $4,995 per person, double.

See http://www.adventuresmithexplorations.com/itinerarydetails.php/advid/200

The Many Faces of Panama and Costa Rica is a Dec. 17-27, 2011 departure on the 62-passenger Sea Lion. The most comprehensive Panama cruise itinerary ever offered visits Panama City, the Panama Canal and Barro Colorado, the primary Smithsonian center for tropical rain forest study since 1923, the Embarra village of Mogue and the Pearl Islands. There are opportunities for birding, kayaking and canoeing.

See: http://www.adventuresmithexplorations.com/itinerarydetails.php/advid/347

The Jan. 11-21, 2012 Baja California Odyssey: San Ignacio Lagoon and the Sea of Cortez emphasizes San Ignacio Lagoon along the Pacific Coast, the primary mating and birthing ground for California Grey Whales. Close encounters are commonplace. Activities while exploring the Sea of Cortez include bird watching, kayaking and canoeing. Up to 70 guests aboard the M/V Sea Bird are accommodated in 37 outside cabins. See: http://www.adventuresmithexplorations.com/itinerarydetails.php/advid/99

Viet Nam & Cambodia: Along the Mekong River has four departures beginning in late January and continuing through mid-March 2012. Archeology, birding and hiking team up with a cultural insight of these ancient countries. The itinerary includes both land and water portions; while cruising guests are accommodated aboard the 48-passenger Jahan in 24 outside facing cabins. Onboard amenities include fully air-conditioned indoor areas, pool deck, Jacuzzi, bar, wellness spa, gym and private boutique.

See: http://www.adventuresmithexplorations.com/itinerarydetails.php/advid/427

In late spring, Natural Treasures of the Russian Far East traverses waters few would ever think of. Departures of Orion II on the 11-day cruises May 31-June 10 and June 10-June 20, 2012 explore the Northern Ring of Fire, an environment dominated by the effects of volcanic activity across the Bering Sea between Russia and Japan. From Hokkaido, Sapporo through sparsely populated islands, guests are greeted with vodka, bread and salt and the cacophony of seabirds, sea lions and fur seals. The journey ends in Petropavlovsk, one of the oldest towns in the Russian Far East and home to a Russian submarine base. Weather permitting; a helicopter trip can target the Valley of the Geysers, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and probably the second biggest collection of geothermal features outside of Yellowstone National Park.

See: http://www.adventuresmithexplorations.com/itinerarydetails.php/advid/297

For lovers of astronomy, two Great Barrier Reef Solar Eclipse Cruises are scheduled Nov. 10-Nov. 16 and Nov. 13-Nov. 17, 2012, plying waters rife with reefs from Cairns to Lizard Island which lies on the ‘centerline’ of the prime eclipse viewing area.


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