Monday 19 September 2011

Orion II's Japanese Culinary Adventure

Discover the rituals, history and philosophy of Japanese cuisine 

Orion II's Japanese Culinary Adventure: In April 2012 the expedition cruise ship Orion II will commence an 8 night Japanese Culinary Cuisine voyage to explore the wonders of Japanese cuisine. A must-do voyage for anyone interested in the rituals, history and philosophy of Japanese culinary art.  

This will be a remarkable journey of discovery using Japanese cuisine as a window into the culture, art and rituals of this ancient society. Orion II guests will have the opportunity to discover Japan and its ancient culture through the amazing diversity of Japanese food. At each port of call discover a different Japanese dish, learn its history and visit local markets to shop for ingredients. 

Onboard, expert chefs, including special guest chef Hideo Dekura, will teach guests how to prepare and present a range of the world's favourite Japanese dishes such as sushi; while time ashore will include visits to the markets where the locals shop, including the famous Jalgachi Fish Market in Busan. 

Explore the amazing variety of seafood, prepare mouth-watering Kobe beef, and learn why the notorious fugu puffer fish can be lethal and yet is sought by gourmet food lovers the world over.  

Enjoy every taste on this unique voyage of discovery. Douzo meshiagare - enjoy your meal. 

Orion II Japanese Culinary Adventure voyage 

One voyage only - departing 27 April 2012  

KOBE, Shimonoseki, Busan (South Korea), Nagasaki, Okinawa, KOBE 

8 night fares from $7,490 per person for an Ocean Suite LESS 20% if booked by 30 November 2011 – pay $5990 per person. 

Junior Suites from $10,385 per person LESS 20% if booked by 30 November 2011 – pay $8310 per person. 

Additional types of accommodation available, also with 20% reductions. 

Savings are subject to availability. All prices twin share. 

Details of Japanese Culinary Adventure itinerary available at  

Further information on Orion Expedition Cruises can be obtained by visiting the website  

For reservations or to obtain a brochure of 2011 or 2012 voyages call Orion Expedition Cruises: 61-2 9033 8777 (Sydney callers) 1300 361 012 (regional and interstate) / 0800 444 462 (New Zealand) or see your travel agent.  


Further information: 

Background on special guest chef Hideo Dekura  

Hideo Dekura started his career in Australia in 1974 as a culinary consultant, food stylist and author, with a focus on recipe development. He gives demonstrations, lectures and classes in traditional Japanese Cuisine and is involved in product development for the import/export market. 

Hideo makes significant contributions to cultural events in Australia and overseas, and is is recognised by the media and food industry as an expert on all aspects of Japanese Cuisine.    

In 2007, Hideo was presented the award from the Japanese government for those whom have made a significant contribution to the promotion of Japanese food and cooking. Hideo runs Culinary Studio DEKURA and Japanese Functions of Sydney, Australia.  

Hideo's popular cookbooks include Essentially Japanese, Teppanyaki Barbecue, Japanese Cooking at Home, The Complete Book of Sushi, Japanese Flavours- Modern Classics, The Fine Art of Japanese Cooking, Sushi Modern and Sashimi.

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