Wednesday 28 September 2011

Gap rebrands to G Adventures


Disputes with US clothing company Gap has urged Gap Adventures to drop two letters in its title, renaming the company to G Adventures.

Announced today at the Future of Tourism, G Adventure founder Bruce Poon Tip explained that after 22 years of operating under the Gap title, the company has made the decision to “free” itself from disputes and change the name that was deemed by a US court as too confusing for the general public.

“There was a judgement in the US that people are confused about our brand up there and the clothing company,” Mr Poon Tip said.

“As a company we can never be free [in US] and so three months ago we said that we are going to change our name globally.

“I fought five years and now it is time to welcome a new era of G Adventures.”

From 1 October, the company will continue to use the same font and brand image, simply dropping the A and P in the logo.

Mr Poon Tip added that also remaining strong in the company would be the brand's principals and commitment to sustainability.

"In every way that matters, we’re the same company today that we were yesterday.

"We’re still available 24/7 to answer questions.

"We still offer our innovative lifetime deposit.

"We still spend every minute of our waking hours dreaming up new, responsible and sustainable ways to show travellers the world as it was meant to be seen.”

Another change Mr Poon Tip highlighted is the news that for the first time ever the company would launch North American tours.

During the Future of Tourism event, Mr Poon Top was also hailed as the first Global Ambassador of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

Awarded the event in Toronto, Canada, GSTC executive director Erika Harms said Mr Poon Tip deserved the title because of his and his company’s overwhelming commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly travel.

“He not only believes but lives and breathes sustainable tourism,” Ms Harms explained.

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