Sunday 14 April 2013

G Adventures West Africa. Day 5,6: At Sea

During the longer sea legs of the first half of the journey there is time to
indulge in either the frivolous entertainment or the enrichment provided on
board. Enrichment there is plenty of. Our squad of well-travelled and
esteemed lecturers cover everything from African history, culture, music and
geography while at the other end, we can partake in wine tasting and art.

David van Neikerk (pic above) is one of the Cape's most prominent winemakers
and, needless to say, his presentations have possibly the highest attendance
rates! His award-winning sparkling wines and Bordeaux style blends are among
the best from the region which dates back to the mid-17th century. His
cellar, High Constantia, to the south of Cape Town proper is well known both
nationally and internationally.

Artist-in-residence, Lucia de Leiris, (pic above) is busy capturing the
colourful scenes in watercolours and then sharing her well developed
techniques with guests in classes held in the multi-purpose Polar Bear Bar
on the well-lit fifth deck. In the evenings, musician Bronwyn Clacherty puts
on recitals in traditional African music using modern and traditional
instruments. Her mastery of percussion has feet tapping and hands clapping
well into the evening.

Blessed with warm bright sunny days, the Four PM Wine Club can be found out
on the rear deck enjoying David's blends and varietals with lashings of
boisterous, bubbly conversation.

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