Monday 29 April 2013

Sailing the Seychelles Seas

The Seychelles Archipelago remains one of the world's most prestigious holiday destinations with unparalleled natural splendor, convenience, accessibility and an exclusive vacation experience for any discerning travelers fortunate enough to find themselves in this paradise of a place.

Lush tropical forests give way to magnificent ocean vistas whilst powder white sand is lapped by the crystalline and tranquil waters of the Indian Ocean. An array of tropical fish and marine animals abound on its shallow coral gardens, whilst big game fish swarm in its deep, offshore waters.
Seychelles Yacht

A vestige of untouched natural beauty: an oasis of wonder far from the maddening chaos of the modern world, Seychelles's 115 islands and its inviting waters are just begging to be explored. And the best way to do this, of course, is aboard your own private charter boat. Sailing around the 115 islands that make this archipelago often brings the saying that these islands were conceived with sailors in mind as they remain the ideal sailing destination.

Seychelles Yacht Charter (SYC) has been operating in the Seychelles since 2011 and has established itself as one of the industry leaders. From bareboat to luxury full service, the company's fleet is at your disposal and the team is on hand to assist you from first contact through completion of an unforgettable vacation experience. From tranquil island cruising, magical beach and forest excursions to memorable diving encounters the SYC will let you in on some of the Seychelles' best kept secrets. If fishing is your game, SYC's expertise and experience are there to ensure you land the big one.

The diversity of the Seychelles is today renowned as the group of islands offering two holidays in one. They have both granitic islands with their high mountains and they also have coral islands that are flat and surrounded with some of the most amazing marine life.

The Seychelles Yacht Charter recently announced the international launch of its fleet and are inviting business partners, travel specialists and travel agents to come and discover for themselves the magic that is the Seychelles Yacht Charter experience. Visit to view their products and package or contact them directly at

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