Friday 24 June 2011

Breaking News: Orion II in Aleutian Earthquake Drama

All safe – Ship undamaged

Report in just minutes ago reveals that Orion II, just delivered to Sarina Bratton’s Orion Expedition Cruises and on its inaugural journey, was just a few miles from a giant 7.3 magnitude earthquake in the Aleutian Islands.

Orion II had just left Chagulak and was en route to Adak when the quake struck.

“WOW Just had a 7.3 earthquake and currently on Tsunami Alert. We were 26miles from the centre steaming on the ship and the ship started to shudder lots. We thought we may have hit something or caught something on the prop. Checks of the ship revealed nothing and then we were sent Tsunami Warnings. 7.3 isnt small and we were probably the only people that close to the centre. WOW” said Adrian Boyle, one of the expedition leaders in an excited note to Orion’s Sydney office.

Captain Mike Taylor quickly followed with a more sobre assessment:

“Orion II sailed from Chagulak at 1730, bound for Adak. At 1910 we were notified that an earthquake with a nominal strength of 7.3 had happened. Checks of tanks and voids showed no signs of leakage and all systems are working normally. Orion II is continuing the voyage to Adak and all passengers have been advised of the earthquake that occurred.”

The vessel is certainly living up to its reputation as an adventure vessel after a minor grounding in Antarctica and a dramatic YouTube video showing the vessel ploughing through mountainous seas in the Drake Passage.

For further updates, see next week’s Cruise Weekly

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